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The most flexible system of mixing and distribution of concrete. Your construction business in motion.



Configure the mixer exactly to the volume and needs of your business.



Simply calculate savings you can achieve through your own concrete mixing.



Inspire with real experiences of using volumetric mixers in practice.


output capacity až 70 m³ / hod.
aggregate bin 5 m³
cement bin 2500 kg
water tank 1500 l
admixture tanks až 3x 42 l
drive diesel 37 kW/ PTO
empty weight 2800 kg/ 2300 kg


output capacity až 70 m³ / hod.
aggregate bin 9 m³ / 10 m³
cement bin 3500 kg
water tank 2000 l
admixture tanks až 3x 42 l
drive diesel 37 kW/ PTO
empty weight 3100 kg/ 2600 kg

BLEND Seventy

output capacity až 70 m³ / hod.
aggregate bin 12 m³ / 14 m³
cement bin 4000 kg
water tank 2000 l
admixture tanks až 3x 42 l
drive diesel 37 kW/ PTO
empty weight 3300 kg/ 2800 kg

How does it work

Advantages of the system

Maximum mobility Maximum mobility

MOVMI mixers can be used as stationary concrete plants or to serve like a flexible mobile equipments that deliver concrete to various places. Get new customers in remote areas where ready-mix companies can't deliver fresh concrete due too long transport distance or difficult terain. Where is at least some road there BLEND can go.

Mixing of the exact amount Mixing of the exact amount

With BLEND mixers you always produce exact volume of concrete what is at your job needed or your customers ordered. No amount to be too small or too large.

Accurate measurement Accurate measurement

Concrete quality depends on strict adherence to technology standards. Our equipment uses advanced measurement and weighing systems that guarantee the highest possible accuracy.

Electronic control Electronic control

Operator simply set type and amount of concrete. Then control unit software computes appropriate aggregate, cement, water and admixture quantities and start fully automatic mixing process.

Different mix settings Different mix settings

Our solution offers much more versatility than drum mixers. After mixing and pouring one batch you can on-site easily change mix design and promptly produce another. It supports also special options with admixtures and fibers.

Easy billing Easy billing

Computer metered measurement means that each delivery is accurately billed. Data are transmitted to corporate accountancy.

Instant report printing Instant report printing

If the concrete is supplied to the customer, the optional printer installed on mixer enables the operative to hand over the delivery note immediately on-site.

Entrepreneurial freedom Entrepreneurial freedom

Own mobile concrete mixer provides your business independency on external suppliers with static batching plants and drum mixers. You can take control of production costs, logistics and quality management.

No leftover concrete No leftover concrete

Wastes are eliminated thanks to producing exactly what is needed at the job site. In case of required quantity is estimated, it is possible to prepare less concrete and, if necessary, to mix second batch.

High profitability High profitability

No doubt that self-made concrete is cheaper than purchased concrete. Moreover, sophisticated method of exact-amount mixing is also incredibly cost-effective. Production without leftovers, low operating costs and high output capacity make this business very profitable.

Time saving Time saving

Production time is very short - only 1 minute per cubic meter. Mixing starts immediately, when the machine arrives on the job site, and can be intermittent. Concrete plant is ready for use 24/7.

Environment-friendly Environment-friendly

BLEND technology helps to protect nature. Making of the exactly required amount of concrete avoids waste of raw materials and energy. The ability to deliver concrete from one vehicle on the same trip to several building sites produce less emissions and a smaller carbon footprint. It also requires less water during cleanup.

Financing your equipment

We strive to make our products available not only to large companies, but especially to small and medium-sized businesses that will most appreciate the benefits of our solution. That is why we offer leasing sales in cooperation with serious financial partners. Find out how leasing is good for us. The monthly payment is lower than the wage cost per employee. In addition, you can redeem it from the funds you receive from the new device.

  • you release the funds for other expenses
  • you can take advantage of leasing special offers
  • quick and easy conclusion of the contract
  • repayment in crowns or euros
  • optional leasing insurance
  • possibility of early redemption
  • all services tailored to your needs

Configure technology according to your ideas and send us the demand including a request for a leasing offer. We promptly send you offer of our solution back. A new machine can be yours soon.