BLEND Seventy

BLEND Seventy

from 1 265 € per month

for acquisition of technology through financial leasing of Erste Leasing a.s.



dimensions 6.4 x 2.45 x 2.25 m
aggregate bin 12 m³ / 14 m³
cement bin 4000 kg
water tank 2000 l
admixture tanks až 3x 42 l
output capacity až 70 m³ / hod.
drive diesel 37 kW PTO
empty weight 3300 kg 2800 kg

The Seventy model with extra-large storage capacity allows to deliver huge amounts of concrete to large construction projects with a minimum of loading trips. For that reason the contractor can reach significant financial and time savings.

Its purchase price is also worth mentioning. Even if it is one and half times bigger than the E050, is only a little bit more expensive.


  • optional drive unit:
    • Diesel Engine 4 cylinder 37 kw water cooled, with automatic accelerator and variable displacement pump
    • PTO: Hydraulic pump with fixed displacement, ready for the power take-off
  • hydraulic system: hydraulic oil tank with filters, electric proportional valves and cooler with thermostat and electric fan
  • main frame 2250 mm wide with aggregate hopper of 12/14 m³
  • 750 mm wide extracting belt, rotation sensor, presence of aggregates sensor, side containing plates, reduction gearbox and hydraulic engine
  • 2000 litres polyethylene water tank with level and tap for charging, centrifugalpump 10-180 lt/min, flowmeter, washing hose about 7 mt
  • cement silo of 4000 kg capacity, extracting screw with variable pitch hydraulically motored 30-200 kg/min, load cells to measure loss-in-weight
  • machine completely managed by inboard electronic system; allows 40 different product recipes and to download production data by USB port
  • horizontal continuous mixer 2100 mm length
  • in the vertical direction hydraulically operated 3-meter discharge conveyor
  • quick release of the mixer’s belt for easy cleaning
Select the mounting base

BLEND mixers can be used as STATIONARY concrete plant, but their main advantage is undoubtedly mobility when assembled on a TRUCK, SEMI TRAILER or RAILWAY WAGON

Choose drive unit

Assembly of equipment with DIESEL ENGINEensures that the mixer can be completely autonomous. However, when mounting on a freight truck, it is also possible to use the PTO instead of its own drive.

Build your custom mixer

A wide range of optional accessories allows you to equip the standard model with features that match your operational requirements. Custom build increases operator convenience and extends production capabilities.

Mix what you want

Although we are talking about BLEND equipment as a concrete plant, the different types of CONCRETE are not the only ones they can do. It is equally perfect when mixing MORTAR or COLD ASPHALT.

Principle of continuous mixing


BLEND volumetric mixers produce concrete at a constant rate of up to 1 m³ per minute. Mixed components, usually aggregates, cement, water and additives, are continuously supplied to the mixing space. The dosing of ingredients is constantly controlled by the on-board computer unit. Thanks to continuous weighing system and electronic sensors, BLEND can produce concrete with the highest precision.

The ingredients are stored in separate containers. Raw materials that have not been processed can be used next and there is no waste. Mixing of concrete on construction site increases its quality, reduces production time and costs.



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